3 Best Tattoo Machines For Beginners in 2018

the best tattoo machines

How To Pick The Best Tattoo Machines For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

The perfect tattoo is about emotion, perfection, and personalization at a level that’s greater than anything else.

It helps define a person, their life, and what they stand for like a badge of honor.

Now obviously before getting a tattoo we strongly advise that you tell your customer to think about it and explain that its going to be there for a long time. And that’s true for a tattoo you’re about to get yourself!

Otherwise, you or your customer will soon be reading our post “natural tattoo removal treatment at home“. lol.

That being said, we are huge tattoo fans, both me and Tony are covered in tattoos head to toes pretty much.

That tattoo machine is our sword. It’s our weapon. It is something to be proud of but it all starts with a well-established tattoo machine built for the task.

For those who are eager to rock a beautiful tattoo and show it off to the rest of the world, it’s time to dig into the world of tattoo machines first.

We will first go over the 4 types of tattoo machines available out there, and then go to our top 3 tattoo machines for beginners.

If you’re in a hurry, feel free to jump straight to our review.

Pro tip: we recommend the use of a numbing cream prior to getting tattooed or tattooing a customer. To read our new post on the best numbing creams of 2018, click the link.


The 4 Types of Tattoo Machines

In this section we will review that different types of tattoo machines.

Why would you pick one over the other and which one is the best machine for your needs.

Lets start with the coil tattoo machine.

1) Coil Tattoo Machines

Let’s begin with the coil tattoo machines.

Coil tattoo machines are designed with the premise of utilizing a specific electromagnetic circuit and performing accurate “needling” that leads to immaculate designs.

While the sterilization process can be tedious (requires complete dismantling), it is often a recommended option by professionals around the world.

Its performance is world-class and it comes in a variety of types (single coil, double coil or triple helix).

The machines will also vary in speed resulting in some performing better than others when it comes to relative damage. This has to be assessed on a machine to machine basis.

2) Rotary Tattoo Guns

Built for a vertical setup where the needle is going in a static motion (up and down).

It has to be moved to hit the right spot and this can hamper accuracy.

These tattoo guns were often seen at parlors in the past but are now fading away.

For those who are using these tattoo guns, the emphasis is more on including a separate gas-powered line instead of running on an electric motor.

This provides more power, speed, and usability for the user. It’s all about preference in this regard but it can make a difference.

3) Pneumatic Tattoo Guns

The word “pneumatic” stands for air pressure and that’s what pneumatic tattoo guns are all about.

These are the next step to rotary tattoo guns where the power is replaced. This is what modern professionals use if they are going with a gun-based setup.

They tweak the motor and have a gun that runs on a specific air compressor.

The air is compressed and helps move the needles vertically as it is released.

It’s a simple process but one that is versatile and easy to manage because of how minimalistic it is. A lot of users prefer it over other types.

4) Liner and Shader Tattoo Machines

These are often talked about in the tattoo world because of how common they are.

In general, these are machines that coincide with each other to generate the perfect tattoo. How does this occur one may ask? The premise is built on one machine doing half the job before the other finishes things up to complete a perfect tattoo.

The Liner machine looks too establish fuller, thicker lines while the Shader machines fill in what is left. The filling in often involves colors. It is something that is appreciated because it gives a structured setup for the user to go with.

Our Picks – Top 3 Tattoo Machines For Beginners

The Complete Tattoo Kit Machine Gun By Dragon Hawk – Our Review




1) Includes 10 Immortal Inks
2) Made in the USA
3) Includes Liner and Shader Machines
4) Provides CD with Instructions
5) Comprehensive LED Power Supply
5) Kit Includes Accessories and Needles

This is the first addition to the list of top tattoo machines for beginners.

It’s a complete kit so you’re not left running around looking for accessories or parts. It’s all in the kit, ready for you to use in seconds.

This option is brilliant for those wanting a high-powered solution made in the USA.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and perfect for someone new to the world of tattoos.

The quality is immaculate and will lead to a great tattoo. It is even used by experienced artists because of the quality on hand.

To find out the latest price and order this kit, click the button below.




Yuelong Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun – Our Review



1) Adjustable Hitting Force
2) Includes Robust Liner and Shader Machines
3) Offers Gentle Vibrations
4) Smooth Finish and Lines
5) Ideal For All Grips

The smoothness of this option is what makes it a star in the world of tattoo machines. It’s simple, fast, and convenient.

You won’t have to get rubber bands or to find alternative parts.  This machine is well built and made, and is easy to use.

The shading is excellent and the Liner machine offers vivid lines. Everything is well-done and worth a beginner’s time.

To reveal the latest price and availability of this machine, click the button below.


yoolang machine


Gerbetterlife 2 Tattoo Machine Gun – Our Review


shader tat machine


1) Made Of Brass Material
2) Includes Liner and Shader Machines
3) Created by Danny Robinson
4) Includes Lifetime Warranty

In our opinion Danny Robinson is one of the best tattoo artists on the planet and this is his machine.

He has designed it and the results are immaculate.

At 5V, the Liner machine is unbeatable with its striking lines and the Shader machine does the trick with its flawless finish. Put it on 7V and watch it fly.

It is as good as anything else on the market.

To check the latest price and get this machine click the button below.


shading machine tatts

Wrapping It Up 

We presented the top tattoo machines on the planet and have gained acclaim for their precision, performance, and durability.

By choosing one of these, you are getting the complete package by investing in one of these machines and including them into your setup.


Lets sum things up.

In this post we went through the different types of tattoo machines and the difference between them. We also picked the best tattoo machine for a beginner.

Note: most of these tattoo machines are beginner friendly and will also serve an experience tattoo artist.

Take your time to read this whole post and then make up your mind.

Don’t make a decisions based only at the price tags. Remember, its better to pay a little more and get the one you want Vs. to pay less and make a mistake.

We hope you have found it valuable. If you have, please share it on your favorite social media platform!

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