The Dangers You Face when Getting a Laser Tattoo Removal!

The Dangers of Laser Tattoo Removal

Let’s imagine you were suddenly stripped of all your discernment and told to select a method of tattoo removal that most people consider preferable – Laser tattoo removal.

Would you make this selection based off the popular opinion?

While flavors of ice cream and vacations spots can be selected by popularity, when it comes to the removal of permanent mark in the skin, like a tattoo, the popular way may not be the best.

Even if we are talking about the big bold letters spelling “Kimberly”, that your current girlfriend “Nancy” doesn’t feel comfortable with, taking a moment to consider the facts can save you from a world of hurt.

Following is my expert opinion on the matter I have formed from seeing many a tragic tale unfolds.

If you are considering a laser tattoo removal here are the things you should know.

Most doctors and clinics won’t tell you these, so we felt obligated to write this post.

Lets get started.

1. Laser Tattoo Removal Damages Your Skin Cells

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Your laser-wielding doctor will explain that the specially designed laser will only target the inked cells within the skin.

Special calibration and precision targeting will allow the beam to pass the skin and only affect the tattoo below.

What they don’t say is that the powerful laser has one objective, to vaporize the inks below the skin and thereby severely damage the skins cells nearby.

This laser rapidly dehydrates the cells affected by the tattoo.

While a small number of cells may be damaged without a visible problem, this is hard to determine.

Too many cells being destroyed simultaneously and the advent of scarring can soon ensue.

Each session with your laser removal technician and the likelihood of a serious scar development increases.

This brings us to the second peril of laser removal the increased likelihood of horrible scarring after numerous removal sessions.

Because, laser removal is a harsh procedure, most doctors will need to recommend several appointments to complete a task.


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2. You Might Get Scars (probably will)


danger of laser

We have seen way worse scars, we didn’t want to post them so people won’t freak out.

Keloid scarring is the result of an overgrowth of scar tissue forming in and around the tattoo, this is one of the worst side effects of a laser tattoo removal.

In addition to a discoloration, the keloid scar tends to pile upon itself and can appear as layers and textured to any degree of severity.

The worst, a keloid scar i a typically tough customer and can remain for a lifetime and repel the best attempts to hide them.


3. Laser Removal is Uneven & Might Not Work 

Remember that the capacity for a laser to remove the ink depends on the way the specific beam interacts with the inks below the surface of your skin.

That’s way sometimes, people complain that the ‘laser treatment didn’t work‘ for them.(click the link to go to the article we wrote on it).

Like we mentioned before, it’s extremely hard for the laser to remove detailed tattoos, that are colorful.

A multicolored tattoo can leave a very uneven final product.

Furthermore, dark blacks and blues will never be fully removed.

So you end up with a “ghost” or faded version of your old tattoo. Who wants that? nobody! ha.


4. It Can Be Extremely Painful 

We know, thats not really a ‘danger’, but is it not really?

Unless you’re a masochist, we don’t see a reason for choosing the painful way if you can use a natural, pain free way instead.

That’s why w’ere avid fans of the laserless tattoo removal guide (<-link). It doesn’t involve pain!


To Laser or Not To Laser? That’s The Question!

So, is it Worth It? that’s your decision to make.

We just wanted to inform you of the hazards involved in getting a laser tattoo removal.


Never forget the cover up option as there are innumerable good ideas for this.

Obviously some people still decide to go the laser-route, and we totally get that.

We (and by we, I mean Joe and Tony 🙂 ) know how annoying it is to see a tattoo you don’t like everyday. But then again, we recommend that before you go and get a laser removal, just try the natural method.

Dorian is a person we look up to, he is the writer of the laserless removal guide (get it by clicking here)

In his guide, he teaches you the natural method to get rid of your tattoos at home, naturally.

The system won several awards (for a good reason!) and the feedback its been getting is amazing.

If you want to get a copy of the ‘laserless tattoo removal guide’ simply click here!

We hope you have found this post useful, if you did, please go ahead and share it.

Peace and love!

Joe and Tony.


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