Laser Tattoo Removal Not Working? Heres Why!

Why Laser Tattoo Removals Won’t Work on ‘Non-Traditional’ Tattoos

We keep getting e-mails from people complaining that the laser tattoo removal “didn’t work” for them, meaning, they went to do the laser removal treatment, and the tatoo didn’t completely fade.


Which Kind of Tattoos A Laser Removal Treatment ISN’T For

Here’s an e-mail we have just received recently (the name of the sender was censored for his privacy):

“Hey Tatgone Team,

I got a few ‘crazy looking’ tattoos I got when I was younger that I needed to get rid of : a tribal stamp on my right forearm, and (don’t laugh) my ex-girlfriends’ name on my back, with a huge colorful flower under it (I called her “my flower”, I know, I was stupid lol).  I went to get them laser removed but they are not completely gone, why is that? what do i do now? thanks guys”

Well this is probably one of the most asked questions we get from people who are trying to get their tattoo removed with the laser treatment.

First, we must say that from our experience,  laser tattoo removals are INEFFECTIVE with “non traditional” tattoos! 


If Your Tattoo is “COMPLEX” it will barely Fade After A Laser Treatment

Multicolored tattoos are known to be extremely difficult for a laser removal treatment to fade. The more ‘complex’, or colorful your tattoo is, the higher the odds it won’t fade with laser. Furthermore, Tattoos that are with highly character details, are a very long shot with a laser treatment.

The bottom line is – the more complex and detailed your tattoo is, the more ink it contained, the lower the odds the laser removal will work.

This frustrates a lot of people, because obviously odds are your tattoo is visible and possibly colorful / big, thats why you want it removed in the first place. 

What we mean by that is that laser tattoo removal treatments mainly work on black or red ink (not always, of course) but it definitely ISN’T efficient with lighter colors, because the laser treatment has a problem targeting these ink layers.

What happens is, in many cases of laser tattoo removals, you will get a “ghost” version of your tattoo, see the pic below of a user who e-mailed us his results after 5 treatments that costed him over $2500, obviously, he isn’t happy.

tattoo removal treatment

tatoo removal laser

5 laser treatments, and its just faded. One of the emails we got.

Obviously the laser removal treatments’ success depends on the ink pigment that was used when you got your tattoo.


How Can I Effectively Remove A Colorful / Light Tattoo ? 

That would be your next question if your tattoo is colorful, or is light, well we won’t leave you hanging!

There are natural methods that we highly recommend before you go the laser-route, such as using a natural apricot scrub to remove skin layers, but theres a right way to do it.

Check out the laserless tattoo removal guide’ (link) it will save you money, time, and maybe even laser burns.

Why We Love The “Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide”…

The Laserless tattoo removal guide is a method developed by a veteran tattoo artist called Dorian Davis, and is completely natural and harmless.

In fact, one of our team members, Tony, tried it recently to remove a tribal tattoo from his lower back area, and it worked like magic.

Furthermore, it sells for around $37, unlike laser tattoos that cost you $200-700 per treatment (and as you’ve seen above, 1 treatment is never enough).

We were skeptical at the beginning but this guide is a real life changer in the tattoo removal industry, plus for its cheap price, its definitely worth a try before you go and try a harsh procedure like laser tat removal, that can’t be reversed.

Below is a before&after of a satisfied customer who followed the ‘laserless tattoo removal guide’ –


This is a beautiful result. The tattoo is completely gone and the user have reported it only took him a few weeks to get rid of it, naturally.

Where Can I Order The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide? 

You can get the newest version of laserless tattoo removal guide by CLICKING HERE!




Lets Warp It Up

To sum things up lets go over what we learned from this post.

  • Laser tattoo removal can work on black / red tattoos (not always) but is definitely inefficient on ‘complex’, high detailed, or colorful tattoos.


  • Customers have complained that several laser treatments didn’t completely fade their tattoos, even in cases they were plain black tattoos (see pic above).


  • There is a natural way we highly recommend you try before you go ‘under the laser’, called :” the laserless tattoo removal guide” by Dorian, and it seems to be extremely efficient and painless.


We hope we helped you understand why laser tattoo removals won’t always work and gave you a good alternative, if you feel like this post provided any value to you, please share it via social media so we can keep growing and help more people get rid of their unwanted tattoos!


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