Tattoo Removal Prices : Laser Vs The Home Based Method – Which is Cheaper?

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The Costs of Tattoo Removal Methods

Some tattoo removal methods can be extremely expensive, while others are more affordable. In this post we will go over the costs of tattoo removal treatments, so you will know what to expect in terms of prices.


We will go over the prices of laser tattoo removal treatments and then the natural tattoo removal treatments.


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The Price of Laser-Based Tattoo Removal

1.The ‘consultation fee’ costs 

When it comes to a laser treatment, which is more of a ‘medical’ procedure, you first have to pay an initial consultation fee, prior to paying for the session itself, which sucks!

You can, however, find clinics that need your business, and they might offer a ‘free consultation’ session, keep that in mind.

Nonetheless, the ‘initial consultation’ fee usually costs around $100. 

What happens in the ‘consultation’ session?

Basically, a doctor, or his assistant, will take a look at your tattoo and give you an estimation / recommendation on how many laser sessions you will need in order to get it removed. That will depend on how ‘complex’ your tattoo is in terms of details, size, colors, amount of ink in it, and age of the general visibility of the tattoo on your skin.

Based on the above, the doctor / assistant will then recommend a series of laser treatments. In most cases 1 treatment won’t be enough, unless its a tiny, black, faded tattoo).

We agree, that is completely ridiculous, you’re actually paying for a ‘sales presentation’ but hi, thats how these places squeeze more of your hard earned money, don’t ask us why.

Some customers reported they are not satisfied with their laser treatments, but thats a different story, read about it here.


2.Laser treatment costs 

To make things worse, the cost of each laser session or treatment varies from clinic to clinic, and averages at $200-$500 per session(!!!).

Now, if you have a very-easy-to-remove-tattoo, which obviously is almost never the case in the doctors eyes (for obvious reasons) you will have to do at minimum of 3 sessions.

In case of a bigger, more complex tattoo, thats more likely to be 5+ laser sessions, prepare to pay anywhere between $1000-$2500 not including the consultation fee.

That will probably hurt not only your skin, but also your pocket! lol 🙂

Another thing these clinics won’t tell you – it is not ‘uncommon’ for you to have to keep going to laser treatments for 2-3 years if your tattoo is big, for instance, a tattoo that covers your whole back area.

Now, before you panic, breath deeply and lets look at the alternative.

The bottom line : a tattoo removal with a laser treatment will cost you anywhere from $500-$3000.


lemonThe Price of The Home-Based Tattoo Removal Method 

In 1 word – cheap. In 2 words – really cheap. In 3 words – ok you get the idea…

Home based tattoo removal methods are very affordable, the reason is they are based on natural treatments for instance, exfoliation.

When you follow a natural, home based tattoo removal treatment, the exfoliation part is used to ‘push’ the ink from out of the dermis, which is the second layer of skin, right below the epidermis, then, the ink is expelled out of your body using natural toxin removal processes that happens in our body.

The whole method is based on natural ingredients, as discussed in the ‘laserless tattoo removal guide’ (click here to order your copy today), such as lemon juice.

One of our team members, Tony, followed the natural home removal method, and like many others that used it, he reported to spend between $20-$30 on the ingredients he purchased. Basically, the cost of a grocery bill.

Obviously, the natural way is cheaper, you probably already knew that. What most people don’t know is the extremely high cost of the laser treatment, because clinics ‘forget’ to mention how many treatments you really need, or that theres a ‘consultation’ fee.

The bottom line : The home based tattoo removal method will cost you around $67.


Lets Wrap It Up

When comparing the prices of the different methods to remove tattoos, clearly, the natural home based method is the cheaper one.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $20-$30 for the ingredients, you will also need some guidance, thats where the ‘ the laserless tattoo removal guide ‘ comes into play, thats another $37, so you’re looking at a total of around $67.  Pretty affordable, would you agree?

Whereas in a laser-based tattoo removal treatment you can expect to pay $500-700 thats on the cheaper end, and all the way up to a whooping $3000 if you have a big, colorful tattoo.

What we recommend is this – before you go and pay a lot of money for a laser treatment, give the natural method a shot.

One of the most effective natural tattoo removal methods according to online reviews and our personal experience, is, of course, ‘ ‘ .

You can order your copy by clicking here!




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